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Last Update 23/05/2017

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Belgian Association for Non destructive Testing

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Our mission is to provide a well organized tool to perform NDT Level 1 and 2 Examination and Certification for the Aerospace Industry in accordance to the NAS410/EN4179 requirements

History of BENAC

Founded 16/09/1993

      SABCA / SABENA / SONACA / TECHSPACE AERO with the support (observer) BAF / DTAé

Structure of  BENAC from 1993 to 11/29/01

Position of BENAC in front of  BANT

Following an initiative from the founding company, BENAC was integrated to the BANT Committees. The ratification by BANT took place on Administration Council of 29/11/2001

Several advantages of this structure were identified :

Effective integration

SONACA, SABCA, Snecma Services Brussels, Techspace Aéro, BAF (DGMR-CC MAT VOL), GIE - NDT Expert + BANT Members

Outstanding act from 2003 to 2011

Since 2006 a member of ANDTBF (Aerospace non Destructive Testing Board Forum) recognized by EFNDT and ESA

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